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  • How Do I Engage with More Applicants with Disabilities? Part 2

How Do I Engage with More Applicants with Disabilities? Part 2

  • May 23, 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


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How Do I ENGAGE with more Applicants with Disabilities?

START by Getting them INTO and THROUGH your Recruiting Pipeline

Part II: Now What? Recruitment Obstacles and Opportunities
presented by Janet Fiore, CEO and President of The Sierra Group Foundation.

Part Two of a Two Part Recruitment Series

featuring tips from

The Sierra Group’s DisabilityRecruiter© Certification Program

RECRUITERS, Hiring Managers, Diversity & Compliance Leaders – join us for a special TWO-PART Series on successful recruitment!  We are pleased to bring you Janet D. Fiore, CEO, The Sierra Group, and founder of the fast-growing DisabilityRecruiter© Certification program, as the DCBLN’s guest lecturer for these 2 Webinars on April 18 and May 23!  

Never one to shy away from a collaborative means to share her ‘boots in the street’ expertise and tips on Disability and Hiring obstacles, Fiore agreed to partner with the DC BLN to provide a two-part Webinar series where she shares highlights from her DisabilityRecruiter© Certification Program such as:

  • How to benefit from the appropriate use of Self-ID forms
  • How to ensure that your pre-hire testing processes are fully accessible
  • How to recognize the difference between a skill deficit and a need for a reasonable accommodation, and
  • How to overcome obstacles to workforce inclusion and utilize accommodations to create opportunities

Janet D. Fiore, CEO of The Sierra Group, is a national authority on disability policy and procedure for business.  An award-winning entrepreneur, she accommodates numerous disabilities herself, as she leads a team of experts committed to “driving up employment for Americans with Disabilities, including our disabled veterans.”  Fiore has been a consultative trainer to businesses, including Tiffany & Co., Aetna, Comcast, and Independence Blue Cross, since 1992.  In addition to her advocacy and policy setting work with America’s corporations as they implement the ADA and the OFCCP 7% Rule, Fiore is a driving force as founder of the non-profit Workplace Technology Foundation, d/b/a The Sierra Group Foundation.   The Sierra Group Academy is Philadelphia’s premier business and technology training school for adults and teens with disabilities.  “Nothing makes me happier than hearing the bell ring when one of our job seeking students accepts a job offer!  It’s why I do everything else that I do!  That hands-on reward for hours of combined effort, accommodation and training is really the ‘magic pill’ that everyone in this industry is looking for!  I’m blessed that I get to see it pretty much every week at our school which is directly adjacent to Sierra’s corporate offices.”   Her work is routinely featured in various media outlets including Forbes, SHRM online, Microsoft Press and the Philadelphia Business Journal.   Her award from the US Department of Labor as a leading Female Entrepreneur with a Disability is her personal favorite in the vast display of awards she has accepted as CEO of The Sierra Group.  “It’s all about leadership and the workforce – being honored this way by our nation’s Department of Labor gave me the courage to continue to fight for the chance for all of us to enjoy equal access to career success.”

In her spare time, Fiore serves on the board for JPD (Job Placement Division of National Rehab Association) as well as being involved with a wide array of community and faith-based outreach initiatives.  She enjoys both mentoring and being mentored by others who seek to impact the world through the ongoing development truly inclusive attitudes and loving hearts.  Fiore is among twelve individuals in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania serving on Governor Wolfe’s Council on Diversity & Inclusion for Small Business where she proudly represents the unique opportunities and civil rights of business owners with disabilities.  For more information on Janet D. Fiore or Disability Recruiter© Certification, click here, email certprogram@thesierragroup.com, or call 610.992.1011.

Open captioning for this Webinar sponsored by The Sierra Group – Disability & Employment leaders since 1992"
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